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  Tuskegee University PAWC December 6-8th 2015 

George Washington Carver Lab Exhibit

Elements 4 Nature participated in Tuskegee University's Professional Agriculture Workers Conference (PAWC) on December 6-8th , 2015. The picture above shows Elements 4 Nature founder, Jon Adkins next to Kathryn Hill/USDA and Dr. Joe Jimmeh/Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences at Tuskegee University.  Elements 4 Nature unveiled the George Washington Carver Lab Exhibit at the conference.  Elements 4 Nature vending booth sold the original peanut based cosmetics products that Carver invented and was enhanced by his laboratory assistant, Dr. Austin Curtis.  The original George Washington Carver's Peanut Rubbing Oil, Carver & Curtis Sage & Sulphur, Styling Wax, and S&H Scalp Conditioner all were available to be purchased by the public as well as the Dr. Curtis Stopp Bumps. 

George Washington Carver Festival 2016

Elements 4 Nature Booth

George Washington Carver's spirit was alive and well on April 30, 2016 at the 13th Annual George Washington Carver Festival in Tuskegee, Alabama.  The George Washington Carver Festival is celebrated every year by the City of Tuskegee.  This year observance theme was "Remembering the Legacy of Dr. Carver".  The crowd was energetic as usual   The music was pumping and the celebration of the late great Master Scientist George Washington Carver was a festive event.  This was the third year that Elements 4 Nature participated in this festive event.  Elements 4 Nature at their vending booth sold the original peanut based cosmetics products that Carver invented and enhanced by his laboratory assistant, Dr. Austin Curtis.  The original George Washington Carver Peanut Rubbing Oil and Carver & Curtis Sage & Sulphur and S&H Scalp Conditioner all were available to be purchased by the public.  The newly marketed products such as the Carver Peanut Rubbing Oil with fragrance added and Elements 4 Nature Lotions were a hit at the festival.  Various vendors sold all kinds of items from soaps, socks and jewelry.  You even got a chance to meet George Washington Carver impressionist, Mr. Paxon Williams.  Dr. Walter Hill, Dean, College of Agriculture at Tuskegee University was present as well as the long-time Mayor of Tuskegee, Johnny Ford.  The food vendors made their presence known.  You got a chance to taste first hand the wonderful cooking and grilling of the deep south. 


    Black Memorabilia Show 2016

Elements 4 Nature (E4N) had the George Washington Carver and the Dr. Austin Curtis products on display at the 32nd Annual Black Memorabilia Show & Sale held at the Montgomery County Fair Grounds located in Gaithersburg, Maryland on April 9-10th, 2016.  Various vendors from the Buffalo Soldiers, the Universal Negro Improvement Association (U.N.I.A.) and the Black Panthers displayed and sold rare historical pieces. The U.N.I.A. was founded by Marcus Garvey.  Elements 4 Nature not only sold Carver's popular products like the Sage & Sulphur Hair Growth Conditioner and the Peanut Rubbing Oil but they also displayed the George Washington Carver Lab Exhibit.

Review of CNN Promise Land Documentary: Origins of Blacks Contributions in Technology

Jon Adkins the founder of Elements 4 Nature (E4N) was one of the panelists who participated in a discussion of the historical origins of Black contributions in technology.  The event was held on Saturday January 14, 2012 in Alexandria, Virginia.  This event focused on the review of the CNN documentary, the Promised Land: Silicon Valley hosted by Soledad Obrien and presented by Navarrow Wright Co-founder of Russell Simmons Global Grind.  Valuable information and interesting discussions were shared by all of the panelists and participants who were in the audience about Black contributions in technology past and present.  Jon Adkins shared information about one of the greatest scientist of our time, 
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George Washington Carver as well as information about his company, Elements 4 Nature. The panelists included Navarrow Wright Co-Founder of Global Grind, Author and journalist A’Lelia Bundles (Madam C.J. Walker's great-great granddaughter), Patricia Carter Sluby, President of the National Intellectual Property Law Association, Lynda Sampson, Educator, and Jon Adkins of Elements 4 Nature. Roy Paul was the CNN screening moderator for this event.
George Washington Carver Black Contributions in Technology Madam C. J. Walker

     Black Beauty Expo

Elements 4 Nature (E4N) displayed the George Washington Carver products at the 4th Annual Black Beauty Expo held in Richmond, Virginia on October 8-10 2011.  Various activities highlighted the 4th Annual Black Beauty Expo.  From being able to attend numerous seminars in managing and maintaining Black hair to companies selling various hair care products the Black Beauty Expo was the place to be.  The various hair cutting competitions was also a sight to see. However, what overshadowed all events was the Black Beauty Fashion Show.  There was an abundance of Black beauties participating in the Black Beauty Fashion show.  During all these wonderful events, however, Elements 4 Nature unveiled the new commendable George Washington Carver labels.  The new labels were design to commemorate George Washington Carver on his many inventions that he gave us and the world. The new labels are for the Styling Wax and the S&H Scalp Conditioner products.  The background image of the Jessup Wagon is on the Styling Wax label and the Yucca Plant (Carver’s favorite Plant) is on the S&H Scalp Conditioner label.  The Jessup Wagon was designed by Carver to bring farming assistance to the “One Horse” farmer.  The Styling Wax and the S&H Scalp Conditioner products with the new commendable labels are now available to be purchased on E4N web site www.4Elements-ewaf.comThese new commendable labels are only available for a limited time only.  “Our permanent labels for the Styling Wax and the S&H Conditioner will replace the commendable labels once we sell out”, said Jon Adkins, Founder of Elements 4 Nature.  Earlier this year E4N introduced the new Sage & Sulphur Hair Growth Conditioner label and the company plans to design new labels for all of their other Carver and Curtis products by years end.

      US Department of Agriculture


On January 5th 2011, Elements 4 Nature (E4N) displayed the George Washington Carver Experience Traveling Exhibit at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) extension office in Annapolis, Maryland. The invitation was made by The Natural Resource Conservation Service a division of the USDA. This event could not have occurred on a better date than January 5th which commemorated the 67th anniversary of the death of George Washington Carver. On December 28th 1945, a joint resolution of congress was passed (Public Law 290 of the 79th Congress) designating January 5th as George Washington Carver Day.  The bill was signed by President Harry S. Truman designating January 5th 1946 as George Washington Carver Day. This event was highlighted by a presentation given by Yasir Khalid the founder of Medina Natural and the originator of the George Washington Carver Traveling Exhibit.  In his talk, Yasir focused on the contributions that George Washington Carver made to American history and how his contributions had a direct impact on the lives of African-Americans.
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He talked about Carver's mission to help the "man farthest down". He spoke of how Carver used scientific agriculture to remove the shackles of slavery from the "one horse farmer" and how Carver revolutionized the Southern Economy through education, crop rotation, & conservation. Yasir highlighted many aspects of Carver genius. Yasir stated that “Carver was a botanist, chemist, horticulturist, educator, and a revolutionary. He represented religion, science and art, all in one bundle."
The founder of Elements 4 Nature (E4N), Jon Adkins, was also present and he displayed several of Carver & Austin Curtis products that the company currently sells. These products were developed from original formulas by Carver & Austin Curtis..
Dr. Curtis was Carver's assistant for the last eight years of his life. These products included the popular Sage & Sulphur, Carver Rubbing Oil, and the Carver Dirt Shirts. E4N also had on display the newly released "Facts on Carver" DVD. The Facts on Carver was produced by E4N and released on October 8, 2010.
The Farthest Man Down George Washington Carver Exhibit




       UNIA Kwanzaa

Elements 4 Nature presented at the Kwanzaa celebration hosted by the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) on December 30, 2010.  This event was held at the Tree of Life Charter School in Washington DC.  The festive celebration specifically focused on NIA, the 5th principle of Kwanzaa.  Jon Adkins gave a brief history of George Washington Carver's life as well as information about his company.  Jon followed a structured presentation which contained enlightening information about Carver and E4N.  However, what was not included in the presentation but was discussed by Jon was the relationship between Carver and the Ancient Egyptians.  Carver created a process to make paint out of dirt.  As it turns out, Carver used the same process that the Ancient Egyptians used to make paint.  Not only did Carver and the Ancient Egyptians used the same process, Carver produced a particular color blue that identically match the same color blue that was found in King Tut's tomb.  That particular blue color found in King Tut's tomb has never been re-produced until Carver did it.  According to Jon, this was just an example of the high level of consciousness that Carver was living and functioning at.  It also explains why Carver’s life was so creative and productive. This information about the Ancient Egyptians connection with Carver is contained in a new DVD that E4N released on October 8, 2010 called the Facts on Carver.  The Facts on Carver DVD documents Carver's life while at Tuskegee.  


2008 Tuskegee Homecoming

By: Jon Adkins 
It was nice to be present and representing my new company, Elements 4 Nature, at Tuskegee University's 2008 
Homecoming. It's been a long time since I attended a Tuskegee Homecoming. Way too long!  The last time I stepped foot on Tuskegee University's campus was 1990, almost 20 years ago.  It was great to be back at my beloved school.  Between raising kids and work demands, it was difficult for me to coordinate everything to attend a Tuskegee Homecoming.  It was nice to be back and talk to a few familiar faces, and it was especially gratifying coming back representing Elements 4 Nature (E4N).  The purpose of the trip was not simply to have fun but to continue working towards making everyone aware of the mission of E4N.   The E4N mission is to help revive the legacy of George Washington Carver and Dr. A.W. Curtis by selling his original products.  It was exciting to re-introduce and sell the famous George Washington Carver Rubbing Oil and Carver & Curtis Sage and Sulphur Hair Conditioner to the Tuskegee crowd.  It was surprising to me that most people did not know that George Washington Carver/Austin Curtis products (containing his original formulas) were available in the marketplace.  However, the highlight of my trip was visiting the George Washington Carver Museum again and the newly opened Tuskegee Air Museum. 
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Strolling through the Carver Museum again was enlightening.  You always learn something new about the master scientist George Washington Carver.  Not only was Carver an African-American hero for his people; his innovations 
made a significant contribution or impact to the American society as a whole.  Not only was he the first to mix peanuts with chocolate, what lead to the most popular chocolate bar to date, the Mr Goodbar, but he also invented instant coffee made from the sweet potato.  Millions of Americans drink instant coffee every morning.  His inventions currently have made more impact on 
American society than any one scientist to date.  We all should be proud of this man and his accomplishments. 
The newly built Tuskegee Air Museum is almost completed.  They are still working hard to finish the museum.  However, the first hangar is about 95% complete.  I was able to walk through the nearly completed hanger and take pictures.  The museum had aircraft that were used by the Tuskegee Airmen.  The museum also had original pictures of some of the Tuskegee Airmen.  I was especially proud to see my uncle's name, Dr. Rutherford H. Adkins, in the museum as
one of the Tuskegee Airmen. His classification was P44I as it was recorded in the Tuskegee Air Museum records book. The "P" stood for a pilot in the 44th division which meant he was trained in 1944. My father, Robert H. Adkins, told me that Uncle Lubby, as we called him, was a Tuskegee Airmen when I attended Tuskegee. I had no way of seeing it for myself while attending Tuskegee. Now that the Tuskegee Air Museum exists today, his name is there for all to see, especially my family members. Thanks for all who were responsible for making the Tuskegee Air Museum a reality. My father and Uncle Lubby were great men whose accomplishments I will always be proud of.
Carver Museum Tuskegee Air Museum Tuskegee University

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