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Dr. Austin Curtis  Stopp Bumps

Developed by Dr. Austin Curtis (George Washington Carver's Lab Assistant)

George Washington Carver and Austin Curtis in 1940
Curtis Labs in Detroit promoting the selling Dr. George Washington Carver Products in 1947


Dr. Austin Curtis 
Stopp Bumps
No more Razor 

Helps to




Facial Bumps Be Gone
Bikini Bumps Be Gone 

Keeps Skin

Soft &


Ingredients:  Witch Hazel, Alum Powder, Aloe Vera Juice, Lemongrass Oil and Fragrance.

4oz Size)




Dr. George Washington Carver and Dr. Austin Curtis working together in Tuskegee Institute's Laboratory

Dr. Austin W. Curtis worked with Dr. George Washington Carver at Tuskegee Institute for the last eight years of Carver's life on earth.  They developed a father/son type of relationship.  So much so that Dr. Carver gave Dr. Curtis one of his most popular invention, the Peanut Rubbing Oil formula.  Dr. Carver told Dr. Curtis to sell the Peanut Rubbing Oil with his (Carver) picture on it.  Dr. Curtis did just that and started Curtis Labs in Detroit in the late 1940's after Carver died.  Dr. Curtis was a chemist and he worked and learned allot from Dr. Carver in the labs at Tuskegee.  Dr. Curtis knew and enhanced all of Dr. Carver peanut based cosmetic formulas.

The Stopp Bumps formula and all the other formulas that Dr. Austin Curtis produced came as a result of the valuable knowledge that Dr. Austin Curtis learned from his mentor, Dr. George Washington Carver.
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