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Peanut Rubbing Oil 
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George Washington Carver
Original Peanut Rubbing Oil Roll-On 
1/3oz Bottle Size
Main Ingredients Peanut Oil and Methyl Salicylate
Relief of Minor Aches and Pains


George Washington Carver Peanut Rubbing Oil Relieves
Back Pain
Knee Pain

Neck Pain/Stiff Neck

Carver's Peanut Rubbing Oil
good for
Stiff Necks 
Neck Pain
Peanut Rubbing Oil Box for 
2oz Bottle Sizes Only
Our colorful box design (picture above) is for the (2oz) bottle size of the original George Washington Carver Peanut Rubbing OilGeorge Washington Carver's picture is at the top and the ancient Egyptian picture of King Thutmoses III is on the bottom.  The box shows the intellectual connection that Carver had with the ancient Egyptians. 

George Washington Carver
Original Peanut Rubbing Oil
2oz Bottle Size
Main Ingredients: Peanut Oil and Methyl Salicylate
Relief of Minor Aches and Pains




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News & Notes:  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that overdose deaths from prescription painkillers have skyrocketed and reached epidemic levels in the past decade.  CDC also states that over 16,000 people in the United States die every year talking prescription painkillers. 
So, why put your life at risk when you can use Carver's All Natural Peanut Rubbing Oil in relieving minor aches and pains?  

George Washington Carver
Original Peanut Rubbing Oil
4oz Bottle Size
Main Ingredients: Peanut Oil and Methyl Salicylate
Relief of Minor Aches and Pains
Caution: Do not use George Washington Carver Peanut Rubbing Oil if allergic to peanuts.





A Historical Newspaper Article on 
George Washington Carver's Peanut Rubbing Oil



Carver's Peanut Rubbing Oil

Fast Relief of Minor Aches and Pains

Peanut Oil 2oz
Dr. George Washington Carver Peanut Rubbing Oil helps to provide deep penetration for relief of minor aches and pains.


The Peanut Rubbing Oil is known for maximum penetration to relieve stiffness, joint friction (from bones rubbing together), tight, sore muscles, and restricted range of movement.  


Carver's Peanut Rubbing Oil penetrates, lubricates and medicates without side effects sometimes caused by non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs that doctors often prescribed for pain relief.

Dry Feet:

Carver's Peanut Rubbing Oil also helps people who have dry skin problems in general.  Especially dry skin that's associated with crusty dusty feet.   Carver's Peanut Rubbing Oil will turn your dry crusty feet into smooth feet again.  Most people will see a difference in their feet only after a few times using the rubbing oil.





George Washington Carver and Dr. Curtis working in Tuskegee Lab

A Historical Advertisement on 
George Washington Carver's 
Peanut Rubbing Oil


History of George Washington Carver's Peanut Rubbing Oil and the Labels
Carver first Rubbing Oil Label
Carver created the Peanut Rubbing Oil through his study of the Peanut
George Washington Carver developed the Peanut Rubbing Oil between the years of 1900 and 1910.  People from all over the world came to Tuskegee to purchase the Peanut Rubbing Oil.  The last eight years of Carver's life, he worked with and admired Dr. Curtis so much that Carver gave Dr. Curtis the Rubbing Oil formula.  Dr. Curtis once said about George Washington Carver "For the last eight years of Carver's life we worked side by side.  Our friendship grew to where we looked upon each other as father and son.  I remember when Carver gave mehis formula for rubbing oil.  He said, Austin put your name on this rubbing oil and use my picture. That was the beginning of Curtis Rubbing Oil." The famous Peanut Rubbing Oil was sold for years under the name Curtis Rubbing Oil.  Curtis Labs was the company that Dr. Curtis started after George Washington Carver died.  Curtis Labs was brought by Dr. Faye Williams in 2000.  The Curtis 
Rubbing Oil was sold for years until Natural Health Options (NHO), the legal owners of the Peanut Rubbing Oil gave Elements 4 Nature permission to change the name back to George Washington Carver Peanut Rubbing Oil.  Elements 4 Nature thought it was appropriate to change the name back to man who created it.  There is no other name more recognizable than George Washington Carver.  There are more schools named after George Washington Carver than any other historic figure in the United States.  The labels that Elements 4 Nature designed are store ready or made for the Peanut Rubbing to be more accessible to the public.
Carver's Rubbing Oil(2oz)
The Rubbing Oil sold by Curtis Labs was called Curtis Rubbing Oil

There have been a number of different labels over the past years from George Washington Carver's original Rubbing Oil, Curtis Rubbing Oil, and the current and newest George Washington Carver Peanut Rubbing Oil label designed by Elements 4 Nature.  However, the wonderful Peanut Rubbing Oil formula remained unchanged and consistent the day Carver created it.  Dr. Curtis mentioned in the Peanut Rubbing Oil literature, The Original is still the best.  This Peanut Rubbing Oil has worked throughout the years for fast relief to minor aches and pains. The newest Elements 4 Nature labels will be used to penetrate stores nationally and internationally.  No other label designs other than the Elements 4 Nature design will be used in stores nationally or internationally.  


 Carver's Peanut Rubbing Oil

No rub works better
Helps to reduce pain of sore knees.
The Original is still the Best
Helps to reduce pain from sore muscles and minor back pain.



 Carver Peanut Rubbing Oil

Helps relieve Pain
For a Stiff Neck or tied aching legs and feet
Made from the finest Ingredients
Made from Carver's Peanut Oil techology research

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