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George Washington Carver created over 300 products from the peanut.  He was known to have lengthy conversations with plant life.  The Carver Gift Basket is a sample of the wonderful cosmetic products that he created from the peanut. 


Carver's Peanut Video Clip


Carver Gift Basket

The Carver Gift Basket allows you to enjoy a collection of his wonderful products at a discount price.  Experience using Carver's wonderful Peanut Rubbing Oil and the various hair care products.  Also enjoy one of three new wonderful Elements 4 Nature lotions.  A $124 value for just $99!  The Carver Gift Basket contains a collection of the following Dr. Carver and Dr. Curtis wonderful products:

  • Low PH-Balance Shampoo (16oz)
  • S & H Protein Conditioner (8oz)
  • Sage & Sulphur (4oz)
  • Styling Wax (4oz)
  • S & H Scalp Conditioner (4oz)
  • Peanut Rubbing Oil (2oz)
  • Elements 4 Nature Lotion (8oz)
  • 4 Peanut Rubbing Oil Roll-On (1/3oz)

Take Advantage of the $124 value for just $99
A $25 Saving!

Pick one of three lotions identified below to be included in your Carver Gift Basket.  The three choices of lotions are Peanut Butter Cup, Cucumber Melon and Spearmint.  For the Peanut Rubbing Oil Roll-On (1/3oz) bottles, we included the Original, Sweet Mint, Mango and Lavender to be in the gift basket.  If you don't like our fragrance choices for the 4 Rubbing Oil Roll-On (1/3oz) bottles, e-mail or call us with your desired choices.  You can choose all 4 Original Peanut Rubbing Oil Roll-On (1/3oz) bottles without any fragrances or any combination of different fragrances.

Elements 4 Nature Lotion



 Carver Gift Basket

Peanut Oil
1 Bottle (2oz)
4 Roll-On (1/3oz)
  • Original
  • Sweet Mint
  • Mango
  • Lavender
Hair Care Products
1 Shampoo
1 Conditioner
1 Sage &Sulphur
1 Styling Wax
1 S&H Scalp Conditioner
Lotion (Pick 1)
   Cucumber Melon
   Peanut Butter




S&H Scalp 
S&H Scalp Conditioner
Main Ingredients:  Lanolin, Peanut Oil, Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, Vitamin E, and DC Green #6
George Washington Carver & Dr. Curtis S&H Scalp Conditioner is designed to help reconditions the scalp and overcomes flaking and dryness associated with the use of chemicals in the hair.

Caution:  Do not use Dr. Carver and Dr. Curtis products if allergic to peanuts.


S&H Scalp
For hair that has been damaged due to harmful chemicals in hair.
Eliminates dry and itchy scalps

S&H Scalp Conditioner
Helps to overcome flaky and dryness of your scalp

George Washington Carver Peanut based Cosmetic Products
In the fall of 1935, Dr. Austin Curtis started working as George Washington Carver's lab assistant. Dr. Curtis learned about the characteristics of the peanut from George Washington Carver. Dr. Curtis founded Curtis Labs after Carver died in 1944. Dr. Curtis was able to sell some of Dr. Curtis
and George Washington Carver co-developed peanut based cosmetic products through the new company he established, Curtis Labs. Dr. Curtis was able to make available to the public for the first time some of the wonderful peanut based cosmetic products that George Washington Carver heavily influenced. The Styling Wax, Sage & Sulphur, and S&H Scalp Conditioner are a few of the wonderful peanut based cosmetic products that he sold.
George Washington Carver & Dr. Curtis Hair Products
The picture on the bottom right is of Dr. Curtis Styling Wax old label.  The picture on the bottom left is a picture of the new Styling Wax label.  If you notice George Washington Carver's picture is on the bottom right of the old Styling Wax and S&H Scalp Conditioner labels.  George Washington Carver's picture on these products were an acknowledgement that George Washington Carver had a heavy hand in the developed of these peanut based cosmetic products.  Dr. Curtis learned all about the peanut from George Washington Carver.  Dr. Curtis also developed his own peanut base line of hair care products called EK'Selant Hair Care Kit which is now called Legends 4Ever Hair Care Kit. 

 The Carver Gift Basket

Peanut Rubbing Oil
Helps to relieve minor aches and pains
Sage & Sulphur
Helps to grow hair and reduces thinning of your hair.  It also helps to eliminate dandruff and keeps your hair healthy

 The Carver Gift Basket

S&H Scalp Conditioner
For itchy and flaky scalp problems
Styling Wax
George Washington Carver & Dr. Curtis Styling Wax acts as a water repellent for your hair in humid weather conditions

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