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Dr. Carver & Dr. Curtis  Hair Pressing Oil

George Washington Carver and Austin Curtis in 1940
Curtis Labs in Detroit promoting the selling Dr. George Washington Carver Products in 1947


Dr. Carver & Dr. Curtis 
Hair Pressing Oil

Main Ingredients:  Peanut Oil, Lanolin, Petrolalum and DC Red #33.

4oz Container Size)





Dr. George Washington Carver and Dr. Austin Curtis working together in Tuskegee Institute's Laboratory

Dr. Austin W. Curtis worked with Dr. George Washington Carver at Tuskegee Institute for the last eight years of Carver's life on earth. They developed a father/son type of relationship.  So much so, Dr. George Washington Carver gave Dr. Austin Curtis his most popular invention, the Peanut Rubbing Oil formula.  Carver told Curtis to sell the Peanut Rubbing Oil with his (Carver) picture on it.  Dr. Curtis did just that and started Curtis Labs in Detroit in the late 1940's after Carver died.  Dr. Curtis sold many of Dr. Carver's peanut based cosmetics products.  Dr. Curtis also learned allot from Dr. Carver.  Dr. Curtis had a formal education in the field of chemistry which allowed Dr. Curtis to enhance some of Carver's formulas.  

The Pressing Oil formula is one that Dr. Carver & Dr. Curtis produced.    

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