Elements 4 Nature Testimonials

This is just a summary of some of our customers reviews of Dr. George Washington Carver and Dr. Austin Curtis products.

George Washington Carver Peanut Rubbing Oil

Carver & Curtis Sage & Sulphur Hair Growth

Dr. Austin Curtis Hair Care Kit

Peanut Rubbing Oil

Name: Mesi   

Location: Washington DC  

"As a dancer, I have aches and pains and the George Washington Carver Peanut Rubbing Oil has been effective in relieving them.  I carry it with me every time I travel !"

Sage & Sulphur

Name: Midge      Location: Maryland   

"I have been using the Carver-Curtis Hair Care Products for approximately nine years.  I use the Sage & Sulphur and the S&H Scalp conditioner 2-3 times a week which causes me to get my hair cut during my bi-weekly visits to the Beautician."

Hair Care Kit

Name: Imani        Location: Maryland  

"I use the Low-PH Balance Shampoo, S&H Protein Treatment Conditioner, and the Thermal Lotion.  I have been using all these products for ten years.  These products are part of the Hair Care Kit.  These products are just wonderful, healthy, effective, and affordable if not used in excess.  I recommend them highly."

Peanut Rubbing Oil

Name: Barbara     Location: Maryland  

"I had pain on my thigh and chronic knee pain.  I applied Carver's Peanut Rubbing Oil on my knee and thigh  overnight and woke up with hardly any pain.  I kept using the Peanut Rubbing Oil for 3 days and now I don't experience any more pain at all on my knee or thigh.  Before using Carver's Peanut Oil, I could not sleep at night."

Sage & Sulphur

Name: Charlesetta  

Location: Pennsylvania  

"I use the Sage & Sulphur (which is excellent) and Carver's Peanut Rubbing Oil is excellent also and definitely alleviates pain.  I've shared this with my 88-year old neighbor and she says it works very well."

Hair Care Kit

Name: Philliphia      Location: Georgia  

"Wonderful products!  Much needed for natural hair options.  I have gotten wonderful results from using the Hair Care Kit along with the Sage & Sulphur.  The Shampoo and Conditioner leaves my hair soft and manageable.  The Thermal lotion works well for straightening my hair without the harmful chemicals.  The Organic Oil Sheen keeps my hair shinning."    

Peanut Rubbing Oil

Name: John      Location: Maryland  

"I use the George Washington Carver Peanut Rubbing Oil.  My mother uses it and my grandmother uses it also.  I pick it up for my whole family.  Anyone who would try to take this oil away would have a fight on their hands from a whole lot of people.  It really works!"

Sage & Sulphur

Name: Saundra 

Location: Washington DC  

"I have been using the Sage & Sulphur for a few years now and it's a wonderful product.  I use it everyday after I take a swim.  It has helped my hair grow and stay healthy.  Over the past year, my hair has doubled in length. 

Hair Care Kit

Name: Linda               

Location: Indiana  

"Jan, my beauty operator uses the Hair Care Kit to my previously chemically treated hair, and I am quite thrilled with the condition, feel and appearance of my hair.  My hair looks healthier." 

Legends 4Ever: Low-PH Balance Shampoo

Legends 4Ever: S&H Protein Conditioner

Carver & Curtis: S&H Scalp Conditioner

Low-PH Balance Shampoo

Name: Imani     Location: Maryland  

"The Low-PH Balance Shampoo is essential to remove all residues from the hair before using the Thermal Lotion.  It thoroughly cleans but does not strip out the natural sheen.  I also use the shampoo as a second step with each regular washing."

S&H Protein Conditioner

Name: Annette       Location: Florida

"I was under so much stress...because I lost my mother in March...that i began to have so many bald spots in my hair.  I just didn't know what to do.  My friend offered me the S&H Protein Conditioner to use ....and now it's growing back so much.  I am overjoyed!"

S&H Scalp Conditioner

Name: Midge      Location: Maryland 

"I have been using the Carver-Curtis Hair Care Products for approximately nine years.  I use the Sage & Sulphur and the S&H Scalp conditioner 2-3 times a week which causes me to get my hair cut during my bi-weekly visits to the Beautician."

Low-PH Balance Shampoo

Name: Bill          

Location: Maryland                  

"I love the Low-PH Balance Shampoo.  What's amazing about the Shampoo, it does not dry out your scalp like most shampoo's do.  I was really impressed by the results."

S&H Protein Conditioner

Name: Marva     

Location: West Virginia

"I'm a Beautician and I use the S&H Protein Treatment Conditioner for strengthening my customers' hair."

S&H Scalp Conditioner

Name: Joe      

Location:  Virginia

"I had a really dry scalp.  I used S&H Scalp Conditioner and it solved my dry scalp problem just by using a few times a week.  No more dry scalp.  I was really impressed by the results."

Low-PH Balance Shampoo

Name: Randy        

Location: Florida

The Low-PH Balance Shampoo is one of a kind.  This Shampoo never lets me down.  It cleans your hair without drying out your scalp. 

S&H Protein Conditioner

Name:  Imani     Location: Maryland

"I use the S&H Protein Treatment Conditioner, which I spread through my wet hair with my fingers for just a couple of minutes before rinsing it out.  This quick and easy step leaves my hair incredibly easy to comb out when still damp.  This product also lasts a long time, because one only needs to use a very small amount to get excellent results."

S&H Scalp Conditioner

Name: Betty         

Location: Alabama       

"I just love the S&H Scalp Conditioner.  I had problems with a dry and itchy scalp.  Dry scalp Problems no more.  I always buy some at the Carver Festival every year.  I make sure I buy enough to last me the whole year.  I love this stuff!"