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The Origins of Blacks Contributions in Technology
Elements 4 Nature (E4N) participated in the review of CNN's Promised Land Documentary.  Jon Adkins represented E4N and participated in a panel discussion that focused on The Origins of Blacks Contributions in Technology.  The panel consisted of distinguishing guests like Navarrow Wright, A’Lelia Bundles, Patricia Carter Sluby and Lynda Sampson.   The panel moderator was Mr. Pope.  E4N's participation in this event shows that they not only provide formal services but participates in community services as well.




Elements 4 Nature Services

  • Carver Mobile: You can see firsthand some of Carver's wonderful products up close.  Just like the Jessup Wagon, we will come to you.
  • Carver Lab Exhibit: See up close a wonderful display of Carver's Lab Exhibit.
  • Carver PowerPoint:  The PowerPoint presentation on Carver's connection with the Ancient Egyptians. 
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E4N Event

Carver PowerPoint

Tuskegee University PAWC 2015

Carver Mobile


PowerPoint presentation of Carver & The Ancient Egyptian Connection

Carver | PowerPoint

See the Carver Mobile Lab Exhibit

Carver | Lab Exhibit

We will bring the Carver peanut based cosmetics products to you

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  • Carver PowerPoint Presentation:  Carver & The Ancient Egyptian Connection
  • Carver Mobile: We will drive to any business location within a 50 mile radius and offer Dr. Carver's peanut based cosmetic products for view and sale.

Elements 4 Nature
P. O. Box 4221
Silver Spring, MD 20914


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