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The Egyptian Blue color that Carver created was the  same Egyptian Blue that the Ancient Egyptians Used

Egyptian Blue
Carver created the Egyptian Blue either in 1930 or earlier.

The picture above is from "George Washington Carver & The Ancient Egyptians Connection" presentation by Jon Adkins, Elements 4 Nature at 
Tuskegee University's Agricultural PAWC Conference on December 8, 2014
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"George Washington Carver & The Ancient Egyptians Connection" presentation


George Washington Carver re-created the Egyptian Blue in 1930 or earlier. The following is a portion of an article in the Atlanta Constitution Newspaper on December 15, 1930 that talked about Carver's re-creation of the Egyptian Blue color:

“To date Dr. Carver’s contributions to science include 202 products derived from peanuts, 118 from sweet potatoes, a large number from common plants , and 300 colors and tints from Alabama’s red clay. Among the latter is a blue stronger than any on the market, said to be identical with the long lost blue used to decorate the tombs of the ancient Egyptians kings. He is now on the trail of another lost color, the famous Egyptian purple".

Egyptian Blue 9th Oxidation
Picture to the Left: Carver called the Egyptian Blue that he created "Egyptian Blue 9th Oxidation. 


The picture above is from "George Washington Carver & the Ancient Egyptians Connection" presentation by Jon Adkins, Elements 4 Nature at 
Tuskegee University's Agricultural PAWC Conference on December 8, 2014
Click on the PAWJ Logo on the right to download the 
"George Washington Carver & The Ancient Egyptians Connection" presentation


The Exact Egyptian Blue that Carver Created
Picture to the left: Terry Adkins' exhibit Nenuphar, where Terry used the exact Egyptian Blue that Carver created.


Terry Adkins's Nenuphar Exhibit
Nenuphar Exhibit
Picture to the left: one of the art pieces from Terry Adkins's Tribute to George Washington Carver Exhibit


             Nenuphar Exhibit: October 30, 2013 – January 11, 2014



Terry Adkins (1953-2014) used the same exact Egyptian Blue color in his tribute to George Washington Carver exhibit called "Nenuphar" that Carver created on or before 1930.  With the cooperation of Iowa State University, Terry was able to receive a sample of the exact Egyptian Blue color that Carver created on or before 1930 while during research at Tuskegee Institute.  The picture above is one of the pictures of Terry Adkins' Nenuphar exhibit.

Nenuphar - Definition:  Water Lily; especially: Egyptian Lotus 

The Blue Egyptian Lotus rises out of the water during the sunrise and goes back under the water when the sun sets.  The lotus closes at night and sinks underwater.  In the morning it re-emerges and blooms again.  Thus the flower became a natural symbol of the sun and creation. 

                        A Blue Egyptian Lotus or Water Lily




  • Egyptian Blue is one of the oldest synthetic pigment.  It was used by the Ancient Egyptians for thousands of years.  It is considered to be the first synthetic pigment. 
  • Egyptian Blue was used plentifully in Ancient Egypt as a pigment in painting and can be found on statues, tomb paintings and sarcophagi.

  • Experiments found that Egyptian Blue has  the highly unusual quality of emitting infrared light when red light is shone onto it. 
  • The precision and relative complexity of the procedure which must be followed to produce Egyptian Blue therefore suggests that the ancient Egyptians’ grasp of chemistry was extraordinarily well advanced.

     Note: Facts on Egyptian Blue from 2014-                     Journal of Art Society Egyptian Blue
              The Colour of Technology


George Washington Carver functioned at a high level of Consciousness equal to that of the Ancient Egyptians

Carver's re-creation of Egyptian Blue color was a Gift to every Black African Man, Woman and Child

March 22, 2015

By: Jon Adkins                                 

In Ancient Egypt at the zenith or height of their civilization they had an educational system that was called "The Mystery System". It was called the Mystery System because the height of knowledge by nature is a mystery. Not everyone was accepted into the Mystery System due to the height of knowledge that was taught there.  It's just like today really. You can't enter into the third grade without completing the second grade and you won't be accepted into certain colleges without performing well in high school.  The Mystery System of Ancient Egypt did not allow certain people in because they were not ready to receive the knowledge that was taught there.  

Let me fast forward this to George Washington Carver.  When you reach a certain level of consciousness in this day and time there are certain people that you can't communicate with any more. For instance, let's look at Carver's life, Carver communicated with the plant life on a daily basis.  Now, try explaining to one of your closest friends on how you are able to communicate with plants.  Your closest friend can't communicate with plant life because he/she is not at the conscious level to do so yet.  Just image when Carver first started to communicate with plant life, I'm sure he was excited and ready to tell everyone what he discovered.  However, once your closest friend doesn't see what you see he/she will stop listening to you and will start believing that you are going crazy.  Therefore, communication will shut down between the conscious and the unconscious person.  This is what happened to Carver.  However, great men and women who operate at high levels of consciousness find ways to communicate to the unconscious population.

Jesus Christ found a way of communicating divine knowledge to the people by using parables and other forms of communication to impart knowledge to the people.  Malcolm X used alternative ways of communicating knowledge to the masses of the people. George Washington Carver also used alternate ways of communication to us. I believed Carver's desire to re-discover the Egyptian Blue color was his way of letting every Black man, woman, and child know that not only we are the descendants of the great ancient Egyptians, but we still have the creative genius within us today that can be resurrected. Carver demonstrated the resurrected genius within himself by re-creating the Egyptian Blue color.  Carver was telling us that if he could do it so can we as Black African people.  We can also resurrect the genius within us like Carver did. Think about it, what gave Carver the incentive to want to re-discover the Egyptian Blue color in the first place?  Also, how did he know it was a specific match once he re-created it?  Carver recreated the Egyptian Blue in 1930 or earlier.   Howard Carter re-discovered King Tut's Tomb in 1922.  It took Carter and his team 10 years to itemize or record everything in the tomb.  We know Carver did not travel to Egypt. Think about it, there were no books written at that time that connected the Ancient Egyptians to Black people in America.  All those books were written long after Carver died in 1943 by Black authors. The Egyptian Blue was a significant re-creation by Carver of our ancient Black African Egyptian culture and a gift to us from the Master Scientist George Washington Carver.    


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