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The Facts On Carver DVD is currently being re-formatted and is not available to be purchased.

 Facts On Carver DVD


The Facts on Carver DVD focuses on the accomplishments of George Washington Carver during his time at Tuskegee Institute.  George Washington Carver arrived on Tuskegee’s campus on October 8, 1896. The release date of this film coincides with and commemorates the 114 year anniversary of George Washington Carver's arrival at Tuskegee.  George Washington Carver remained at Tuskegee for over 47 years until his death on January 5, 1943.  George Washington Carver brought scientific agriculture to Tuskegee.  He almost single handedly revolutionized the economy in the South.  He was able to bring the Black Farmer "The Man Farthest Down" from a state of  semi-slavery to a level of self-sufficiency.  His paint processes were similar to the paint processes that the Ancient Egyptians used.  Below are 2 short video clips from the Facts On Carver
DVD.  The first clip, Yasir Khalid, Carver Researcher, gives a passionate summation of Carver's life at Carver's Grave Site.  The second clip is also at Carver's Grave Site with wonderful music of Fertile Ground playing in the background. 
Facts on Carver Video Clip

George Washington Carver Bobblehead
The George Washington Carver Bobblehead was a concept implemented to help fund the City of Tuskegee's educational fund.  In conjunction with Tuskegee University, the George Washington Carver Bobblehead was to help and assist young Black youths to achieve their educational goals.  Elements 4 Nature is promoting and selling the George Washington Carver Bobblehead to assist our struggling Black youth in achieving their educational goals.  Half of the sales will go to that cause.  




 Facts On Carver DVD

Carver's Life
Highlights Carver's Life while at Tuskegee.
Old Train Station
Footage of the old Chehaw Train Station where Carver first arrived in Tuskegee.


A Genius Remembered:

George Washington Carver DVD
Tuskegee University Production
See rare video footage of George Washington Carver from Tuskegee University Archives.  The DVD entitled "A Genius Remembered: George Washington Carver" captures memories of Dr. George Washington Carver as told by people who knew actually him, and by others whose work was influenced by his great legacy.  This DVD of George Washington Carver is a product produced at Tuskegee University and is a compilation of peoples testimonies of their interaction with Dr. Carver and how he impacted their lives.  It is a product and combined effort of Dean Dr. Walter Hill, Roger Hagerty and William C. Lennard.  Funds from the sale of the DVD provide scholarships for Tuskegee University students.   



George Washington Carver DVD
See the completed life of Carver from the History Channel's perspective.  Below is a short video clip of the Life of George Washington Carver DVD.  This documentary DVD of George Washington Carver shows unusual footage of George Washington Carver as well as Booker T. Washington at Tuskegee Institute now called Tuskegee University.  This particular DVD has video and audio footage of George Washington Carver accepting an Award.  Of course he was modest in his acceptance speech.  Modern Marvels of George Washington Carver's life is a must have for your personal history library.  
Modern Marvels Video Clip

History's Channel Mordern Marvals: Life of George Washington Carver
This DVD
shows rare Video footage of Dr. Carver
George Washington Carver
This colorful dynamic poster is of George Washington Carver working in his science laboratory.  This poster also highlights the wonderful accomplishments of George Washington Carver in a short but condense informative paragraph that is ideal for a young student to have.


George Washington Carver Poster
This colorful drawing of Carver is a must poster to purchase for the youngsters


 History's Channel
DVD of George Washington Carver
Carver's Life
From the time Carver was born and until he died on Tuskegee University's campus.
See Rare Footage of Carver
See rare moving video of Carver talking after receiving an award.



 George Washington Carver Poster
Colorful Drawing of Carver
Eye catching poster of the  master scientist who created over 300 products from the peanut and revolutionized the Southern economy.
Highlights Accomplishments
Summarizes the life and many accomplishments of Carver in a small and powerful paragraph.

The Making of Facts On Carver DVD
By: Jon Adkins
Facts On Carver DVD was Divinely Inspired
The making of the Facts On Carver DVD was not initially planned.  When Yasir Khalid and I were driving down to Tuskegee to sell some of Carver products and get exposure for the newly formed company, Elements 4 Nature, at Tuskegee 2008 Homecoming,  the idea came to me to do a movie about George Washington Carver while at Tuskegee.  Yasir endorsed the idea and we began discussing how this would be done.  We started filming the movie the first day we arrived at Tuskegee.  From the start of filming, we felt "the spirit of Carver" and that this project was divinely driven.  Basically, not having any pre-defined script, we put one together that was flowing once we started filming.  I was asking questions about Carver and Yasir, The Carver Researcher, was tearing up the answers.  We filmed every location that Carver spent his time while at Tuskegee. We definitely felt the "spirit of Carver" while filming this movie.  Carver's spiritual presence was really felt when we filmed at his Grave site.


Carver's Grave Site

Filming at Carver's Grave Site
Carver spirit was definitely moving through Yasir when we concluded the film at his grave site.  So much so you can even pick up the moving spirit through Yasir when you watch the scene at Carver's grave site.  The moving spirit and divine direction of this film did not stop there in Tuskegee.  I had the privilege of editing this DVD.  There were numerous times while editing this film that I encounter unexplained occurrences that led me to either edit something out or to keep something in.  We filmed Carver's life from the time that he arrived on Tuskegee's campus to when he died on the campus.  One of the most significant facts about this film is about the paint process connection with the ancient Egyptians. I know that this DVD had to be done from the time of conception to production.  Being a graduate of Tuskegee University, I was proud to be a part of this project.  I felt strongly that this project was divinely guided.  It may not be a Hollywood production, it's really an amature production, however, it brings out facts about Carver that has never been seen or heard before on film.
Play Facts On Carver audio soundtrack by: Fertile Ground 


 Facts On Carver

Filmed on location at Tuskegee University
Footage from the Agricultural building and Carver's Grave site.
Factual information on Carver
Carver's daily routines



 Facts On Carver

Train Station
Footage from the Old Chehaw train station
Carver Products
Products created from the peanut and the sweet potato.

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