Name Inventions Date
George Washington Carver Created over 300 products from the Peanut 1896 - 1943
A. J. Barr Lawn Mower May 1889
Issac Johnson Bicycle Frame Oct 1899

 Benjamin Banneker

What will we do today without the standard clock?  The world benefited from this man's invention.

H. W. Richardson Baby Buggy June 1899
George Washington Carver Re-created the Egyptian Blue 1930
Benjamin Banneker Clock 1792
Edwin Burger Spark Plug Feb 1830

 George Washington Carver

Carver recreated the scared Egyptian Blue color paint that was used by the Ancient Egyptians.  This complex Chemistry process to reproduce the Egyptian Blue paint color was tried throughout history unsuccessfully by others. 

     George Washington Carver          Re-created the Egyptian                                Blue paint
                      A. L. Lewis
                 Window Cleaner
                     B. F. Jackson
                       Gas Heater
                   Lydia Newton
                       Hair Brush

 Madam C. J. Walker

Created the hot comb to straightens ones hair.  Women still use her hot comb today.

Madam C.J. Walker Hot Comb 1907
Alexander Miles Elevator Oct 1867
J. Gregory Motor TBD
Heading Table Data Table Data

 Dr. Charles Drew

Discovered the blood Plasma which transport nutrients, hormones, and proteins to parts of the body in emergency situations.  Its a better substitution than blood because it keeps longer without refrigeration.

Thomas Steward Mop June 1893
Dr. Charles Drew Blood Plasma 1940
Micheal Harvey Lantern Aug 1884
T. J. Marshall Fire Extinguisher Oct 1872

 Elijah McCoy

Elijah McCoy was a mechanical Engineer who discovered the lubrication cup for the stream engine.

Elijah McCoy Lubricating Cup July 1872
Patrica Bath Laser Surgical Device 1986
Michael Croslin Blood Pressure Device 1933
W. B. Purvis Fountain Pen Jan 1890