Black Inventors 2.0

Black Inventors of modern times. African-American scientists 
made a major contribution to the development of these United States.

"We Built These United States"

Black Or African-American Scientists made an enormous contribution to American Society.  Black Scientists literally built the United States. 


Elements 4 Nature documents the inventions of Black Scientist in the United States from Benjamin Banneker to George Washington Carver and beyond.

George Washington Carver

  • Created over 300 products from the Peanut

  • Date:  1935

Lewis Latimer

  • Electric Bulb

  • Date: Sept 1881

Benjamin Banneker

  • Clock

  • Date: 1753  

Madam C. J. Walker

  • Straightening Comb

  • Date:   
Lonnie Johnson

Super Soaker Water Gun     

Date:  June 5, 1988

T. Grant

Golf Tee

Date:   Dec 1899

O. Dorsey

Door Stop

Date: Dec 1878

W. A. Martin


Date:  July 1899

James Robinson

Lunch Pail

Date:  1887

Paul Downing


Date:  Oct 1939

A. B. Blackburn

Railroad Signal

Date:   TBD

T. A. Carrington


Date:  July 1876

M. A. Cherry


Date:  May 1888

P. Johnson

Eye Protector

Date:   Nov 1880

Huram Thomas

Potato Chips

Date:  TBD

J. W. Kelly

Steam Table

Date:  1897

Black Inventors of Modern Times

Garrett Morgan

  • Traffic Light

  • March 1914

G. W. Murray

  • Fertilizer Distributor

  • June 1894

James S. Adams

  • Airplane Propeller

  • Oct 1920

G. T. Sampson

  • Clothes Dryer

  • June 1892
J. A. Johnson


Date:  TBD

L. C. Bailey

Folding Bed

Date:  July 1889

F. J. Loudin

Key Chain

Date:  Jan 1894

James West

Foil Electric Microphone 

Date:  1962

Alfred L. Cralle

Ice Cream Scoop

Date:  Feb 1897

S. C. Scratton

Curtain Rod

Date:  Nov 1889

J. W. Winters

Fire Escape Ladder

Date:  May 1878

T. Elkins


Date:  1897

J. L. Love

Pencil Sharpener

Date:  1887

W. A. Deitz


Date:  April 1867

John Hunter

Portable Weighing Scales

Date:  Nov 1896

Payton Johnson

Swinging Chairs

Date:   Nov 1881

Black Inventors of Modern Times

Alexandria Miles

  • Auto Elevator Door Openers

  • Oct 1867

T. J. Marshall

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • Oct 1872

Patrica Bath

  • Laser Surgical Device

  • 1986

Ernest Just

  • Egg Fertilization

  • 1939
H. W. Richardson

Baby Buggy

Date:  June 1899

Issac Johnson

Bicycle Frame

Date:  Oct 1899

A. J. Barr

Lawn Mower

Date:  May 1889

W. B. Purvis

Fountain Pen

Date:  Jan 1890

Micheal Harvey


Date: Aug 1884

Valerie Thomas

3-D Optical Illusion Device

Date:  1980

G. E. Becket

Letter Box

Date:  Oct 1882

Lyda Newman

Hair Brush

Date:  Nov 1898

W. C. Carter

Umbrella Stand

Date:  Aug 1885

Elijah McCoy

Lawn Sprinkler

Date:  Sep 1899

W. A. Lavalette

Printing Press

Date:  Sep 1878

Jon Adkins

Designed NWS HazCollect System

Date:  January 2008

Black Inventors of Modern Times

Dr. Charles Drew

  • Blood Plasma

  • 1940

Granville Woods

  • Telephone Transmitter

  • Aug 1887

Elijah McCoy

  • Lubricating Cup

  • July 1872

Sarah Boone

  • Ironing Board

  • Dec 1887
Thomas Steward


Date:  June 1893

J. Gregory


Date:  TBD

Edwin Burger

Spark Plug

Date:  Feb 1830

George Washington Carver

Re-created Egyptian Blue

Date:  1930

Mary Jones

Cooking Apparatus

Date:  1873

O. Dorsey

Door Knob

Date:    Dec 1878

S. Newson

Oil Heater

Date:  May 1894

J. W. Outlaw


Date:  Nov 1898

John W. Reed

Rolling Pen

Date:  TBD

Lawrence P. Ray

Dust Pan

Date:  TBD

Garrett Morgan

Gas Mask

Date:  1907

F. W. Leslie

Envelope Seal

Date:  Sep 1897

Black Inventors of Modern Times


  • Guitar

  • March 1866

Marie Brown

  • Home Security System

  • 1966

Paul E. Williams

  • Helicopter

  • Nov 1962

Frederick Jones

  • Air Conditioner

  • July 1949