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Dr. Austin W. Curtis

Dr. Austin Curtis, George Washington Carver Lab Assistant, working in the Chemistry Lab at Tuskegee Institute. 

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Dr. George Washington Carver did his research at Tuskegee Institute now called Tuskegee University.  Dr. Austin W. Curtis worked as Carver's primary lab assistant for last eight years of Carver's life.  During those years Dr. Carver and Dr. Curtis maintained a close father and son type of relationship.  So much so, Dr. Carver give Dr. Curtis the rights to his famous Peanut Rubbing Oil formula.  He taught and passed his knowledge to Dr. Curtis.  After Carver died Dr. Curtis moved to Detroit and started his own company, called Curtis Labs.  He not only sold the original formulas that Carver produced which Dr. Curtis had the ability of improving on those original peanut based formulas, but  Dr. Curtis made cosmetic products that were peanut based also.  The Hair Care Kit is a collection of the peanut based products that Dr. Austin W. Curtis created.


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The Hair Care Kit consist of the following products:

  • Low-PH Balance Shampoo (16oz)
  • S&H Protein Conditioner Treatment (8oz)
  • Thermal Lotion (4oz)
  • Organic Oil Sheen (8oz)


Dr. Austin W. Curtis Hair Care Products: Legends 4Ever

Buy the Dr. Austin Curtis Hair Care Kit or Purchase each individual product in the Hair Care Kit separately.  Dr. Austin Curtis was George Washington Carver's main Lab Assistant and studied under Carver for the last eight years Carver lived on this earth.  Dr. Curtis created peanut based hair care products also. 

Caution: Do Not Use Dr. Curtis Hair Care Kit if Allergic to Peanuts.  

Legends 4Ever Low PH-Balance Shampoo

Legends 4Ever Organic Oil Sheen

Legends 4Ever S&H Protein Conditioner

Low PH-Balance Shampoo

The Legends 4Ever Low PH-Balance Shampoo cleanses your hair while leaving the natural oils on your head.

Organic Oil Sheen

The Legends 4Ever Organic Oil Sheen product is designed to add sheen and luster to dry and dull hair. Works well with blow dryer on all types of hair to laminate each hair strand for a silky finish. 

S&H Protein Conditioner

This Legends 4Ever S&H Protein Treatment Conditioner product is designed for multiple uses. Assist in stopping hair split ends. It eliminates tangles and does so much to improve the quality of your hair.

Thermal Lotion

The Legends 4Ever Thermal Lotion is designed to straighten hair follicles without the use of harmful chemicals applied to your natural hair and scalp.

Low PH-Balance Shampoo

Main Ingredients:  Water, Citric Acid, Vitamin E, Lauryl Sulfate, Sorbitol, Blue Green Coloring.

8 oz Bottle


Organic Oil Sheen

Main Ingredients: Mineral Oil, Organic Peanut Oil, Linoleate, and Lemongrass Essential Oil.

8 oz Bottle


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S&H Protein Conditioner

Main Ingredients:  Peanut Oil, White Mineral Oil and Sage.

8 oz Bottle


Thermal Lotion

Main Ingredients: Peanut Oil, White Mineral Oil, Dow Corning and Sage.

4 oz Bottle