Elements 4 Nature Store Locations

Elements 4 Nature is always working to expand our products in all the 50 states across the United States and Beyond.

Elements 4 Nature Products in the Local DC Area Stores

Elements 4 Nature's goal is to expand locally as well as  
nationally and internationally.

Brown's Market carries the Caver's Peanut Rubbbing Oil, Sage & Sulphur Hair Growth Conditioner, Low-PH Balance Shampoo and S&H Protein Conditioner.  Bown's Market is located at 5718 Silver Hill Rd District Heights, MD 20747, Phone (301) 967-3059.

Senbeb carries the Sage & Sulphur Hair Growth Conditioner and the Carver's peanut Rubbing Oil.  Senbeb is located at 6224 3rd Street NW Washington DC 20011, Phone (202) 723-5566.

Dynamic Wellness carries the Carver's Peanut Rubbing Oil and the Sage & Sulphur Hair Growth Conditioner.  Dynamic Wellness is located at 402 H Street NE,Washington DC 20002, Phone: (202) 547-0163.

After the Rain Essentials carries the Sage & Sulphur Hair Growth Conditioner.  After the Rain Essentials is located at Salon Plaza 872 Largo Center Drive Largo, MD 20774, Phone (202) 528-0389.

Tora Beauty Supply carries the Sage & Sulphur Hair Growth Conditioner.  Tora Beauty Supply is located 13484 New Hampshire Ave. NE Silver Spring, MD 20904, Phone (240) 560-6906.

Note: The Locally Black Owned and Controlled businesses are highlighted at the bottom in Black color.

Elements 4 Nature Products in US Stores 

Elements 4 Nature is working hard to expand in the United States.  Elements 4 Nature goal is to have products in all 50 states.

Elements 4 Nature Products in the following Nationwide Locations:


  • Tuskegee History Center:
    104 South Elm Street
    Tuskegee - (334) 724-0800


  • Simply Wholesome:
    508 W. Slauson Ave.
    Los Angeles - (313) 783-0945
  • Mandela Foods Cooperative              1430 Seventh Street                           Oakland, CA 94607                             (510) 452-1133                                        


  • Madison Beauty Salon:
    1617 S Martin Luther King Jr Drive
    Springfield - (217) 523-1341


  • Timbuktu Bookstore:
    3601 East Ocean View Ave. Unit C
    Norfolk - (757) 362-3033

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