Carver Gift Basket, Carver Bobblehead and Carver Science Poster

Purchase any of the Carver's Gifts for your love ones.  Choose from one popular Carver Gift Basket, Carver Bobble Head, 
and the Carver Science Poster.

Carver Gifts

Purchase the Carver Gift Basket, the Carver Poster and the Carver Bobble Head today.

Carver Gift Basket

  • Low-PH Balance Shampoo 16oz
  • S&H Protein Conditioner 8oz
  • Sage & Sulphur 4oz
  • Styling Wax 4oz
  • S&H Scalp Conditioner 4oz
  • Peanut Rubbing Oil 2oz
  • E4N Lotion 8oz
  • 4 Peanut Rubbing Oil 1/3oz

This is a $124 dollar value for $99  
$25 Saving!


Elements 4 Nature Lotion
Carver Bobblehead

Limited Supply


Carver Science Poster

This colorful dynamic poster is of George Washington Carver working in his science laboratory.  This poster also highlights the wonderful accomplishments of George Washington Carver in a short but condense informative paragraph that is ideal for a young student to have.  

Limited Supply


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