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The Growing Plant

The Secret Life of Plants

Plant Life 

 George Washington Carver communicated with the plants on a daily basis.  His nickname was the "Plant Doctor".  He talked to the plants and they talked back to him.  His daily routine in conversing with plant life was an early one that usually started around 3am.  He had a strong relationship with plant life.  He also had the same strong relationship with God the creator.


Flower  Power

  Black Orchid

Stevie Wonder's Black Orchid song and video identifies the Black Orchid plant growth with the Black woman's spiritual growth and development. Click on the YouTube play button above to watch the Black Orchid video from the Secret Life of Plants movie.  

   Venus Flytrap
Stevie Wonder wrote a song from the Secret Life of Plants called "Venus' Flytrap And The Bug".  Take a listen to it by clicking the audio play button below.




  Smiling Daisies
The Secret Life of Plants film verified George Washington Carver research and documented notes on his communication with Plant Life.  

Can Plants Think?


In the Secret Life of Plants movie, it proves that plants can think.  See it for yourself by clicking on the YouTube video above.  This verifies all of George Washington Carver documented notes and writings of him communicating with plant life.

The Secret Life of Plants was a film produced by Disney in 1979.  It is a very powerful film.  It was so powerful, Disney stop making it and decided to put it out of print.  You cannot buy this film anywhere now. You can only view it on YouTube. Stevie Wonder wrote the soundtrack for this film.  Some of Stevie's best work was done on the Secret Life of Plants 2CD set soundtrack.  Stevie Wonder performs the Secret Life of Plant song on the YouTube video above.  Stevie Wonder also wrote a song as a tribute to George Washington Carver called "Same Old Song". You can hear that song by clicking on the audio play button below.

Can Plants Talk?

Of course plants can talk.  Carver talked to plant life everyday.  However, you have to be at a high level of consciousness to converse with plants. Not only did Carver converse with God's creation, he also conversed with God the creator on a daily basis. How do we know that this was so?  Because Carver told us so. Carver kept documented notes of his experiences in conversing with plant life. The many inventions that Carver created bares witness to the fact that he was functioning at a high level of consciousness.  When you reach a certain level of consciousness you can't impart the knowledge to all of your friends or colleagues who have not reached that level of consciousness.  If you try to impart knowledge to the unconscious when they are not ready to receive it, they will think that you are going crazy.  So we understand why Carver did not openly share his daily documented conversations with plant life to the public. However, he made it known to the public that he was able to converse with plant life.  

In the Secret Life of Plants movie, they demonstrated that plants can talk.  We do not have that YouTube clip available to view at the present time. However, If you watch the movie you will see a Chinese scientist teaching a plant the Chinese alphabets through a amplified speaker.  Through the amplified speaker, you can hear the plant repeat every alphabet that the Chinese scientist would say.  


The Dogon Tribe & The Order of the Universe

The Dogon Tribe of today can map out the order of the planets and the stars of the Universe without using any sophisticated scientific equipment.  They have been doing this for many many years.  It is said by some historians that the Dogon Tribe migrated from ancient Egypt during the time Egypt was conquered by the Roman Empire.  The present existence of the Dogon Tribe today verifies that Black Africa had an advanced scientific civilization before they were conquered by the White Europeans.

The YouTube video below shows a segment of the Secret Life of Plants, where the Dogon Tribe is seen mapping out the planets and the stars of the universe without using any modern scientific equipment.  The picture to the left shows the solar system identifying all of the planets within the universe.  The Dogon's Tribe has been correctly mapping the universe out for many many years.

Click on the audio play button below to hear Stevie Wonder's Dogon Tribe celebration song.  The Dogon Tribe celebrates the completion of the star Po Tolo's orbit around the star Sirius every 50 years.  "Po" means smallest seed and "Tolo" means smallest star.  The Dogon Tribe keeps 4 calendars, one for the Sun, Moon, Venus and Sirius.

A Seed's a Star 

                       A Star's a Seed 



Green Plants

Green plants attract us with their colorful leaves and uncommon shape of their stems and leaf.  
Green plants have cell walls with cellulose and characteristically obtain most of their energy from sunlight. Green 
plants bring life into indoor spaces. 

    Yucca Plant
George Washington Carver's favorite plant was the Yucca Plant.  As of 2010, green plants are thought to be 300–315 thousand species of plants, of which the great majority, some 260–290 thousand, are seed plants.  Plants are used as ornaments and, until recently and in great variety, they have served as the source of most medicines and drugs. The scientific study of plants is known as botany, a branch of biology. 


Red Rose

Black Rose

Green Rose



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