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The Dr. Curtis Hair Care Kit/Legends 4Ever consists of the following specialized hair care products: 
  • Low-PH Balance Shampoo
  • Thermal Lotion
  • S&H Protein Treatment Conditioner
  • Organic Oil Sheen (Push/Spray Cap)
The Hair Care Kit Secret Formulas were created from the Peanut Oil Technology of Dr. George Washington Carver and Dr. Austin W. Curtis.  The Hair Care System work on all types of hair;  Virgin hair, Curls to Straight, Color Treated hair, Children's hair and Cancer Patient's hair.

Hair Care Kit


   Thermal Lotion 4oz

Main Ingredients:  Peanut Oil, Kaydol (White Mineral Oil), Dow Corning and Sage
The Legends 4Ever Thermal Lotion is designed to straighten hair follicles without the use of harmful chemicals applied to your natural hair and scalp.


Legends 4Ever
Thermal Lotion

S&H Protein Conditioner 8oz 

Main Ingredients:  Peanut Oil, Kaydol (White Mineral Oil) and Sage
This Legends 4Ever S&H Protein Treatment Conditioner product is designed for multiple uses. Assist in stopping hair split ends. It eliminates tangles and does so much to improve the quality of your hair.



Legends 4Ever
S&H Protein Treatment Conditioner


Thermal Lotion

Straightens hair follicles without the use of harmful chemicals
Highly Concentrated
Only a small amount is required per use



S&H Protein Treatment Conditioner

Highly concentrated formula helps in stopping hair split ends
Eliminates Tangles


Low PH-Balance Shampoo 16oz
Main Ingredients:   Water, Citric Acid, Vitamin E, Lauryl Sulfate, Sorbitol, Blue Green Coloring
Legends 4Ever Low-PH Balance Shampoo cleanses the scalp without removing natural oils from the hair.



Legends 4Ever
Low-PH Balance Shampoo

Organic Oil Sheen 8oz

Main Ingredients:   Mineral Oil, Tocopherly, Peanut Oil, Linoleate, and  Fragrance
The Legends 4Ever Organic Oil Sheen product is designed to add sheen and luster to dry and dull hair. Works well with blow dryer on all types of hair to laminate each hair strand for a silky finish. Works well with locks also. 

The Hair Care Kit

Caution: Do not use Dr. Carver and Dr. Curtis products if allergic to peanuts.


Legends 4Ever 
Organic Oil Sheen 
Cap Options


Low PH-Balance Shampoo
Cleanses the Scalp
cleanses the scalp without removing natural oils from your hair
Specialized Formula
Essential for preparing the hair before using any other product in the Hair Care Kit



Organic Oil Sheen
Adds Sheen and Luster to dry and dull hair
Laminates Hair for a Silk Finish

 Legends 4Ever Hair Care Kit


 History of the Hair Care Kit:  Dr. Austin W. Curtis (Baby Carver) Creation

   Hair Care Kit     EK'Selant Labels

First products of Dr. Austin W. Curtis from Curtis Labs
The people of Detroit are well familiar with the Dr. Austin W. Curtis line products.  They are well aware of the EK'Selant products that made up the Hair Care Kit of yesterday.  The people of Detroit can rest ashore and be relieved that the EK'Selant line of products never went away.  You can still purchase these wonderful products again under a new name and label.   It is now being sold under the new name and eye catching labels called Legends 4Ever.  Dr. Curtis created the hair care kit by using the peanut oil technology developed by George Washington Carver.   Dr. Austin Curtis learned everything about the peanut from George Washington Carver's as his assistant during the last eight years of George Washington Carver's life.  As a matter of fact, Dr. Curtis nickname was baby Carver because people reminded him of Dr. George Washington Carver.  The Hair Care Kit was developed and sold under Curtis Labs, the company that Dr. Curtis started after George Washington Carver died in 1943.  Curtis Labs became the largest Black manufacturing company of hair care products in the United States for years.  Dr. Curtis sold his company in 2000 before making the transition to the ancestors in 2003.  Dr. Faye Williams, Elements 4 Nature partners now owns Dr. Curtis old company.  However she changed the name from Curtis Labs to Natural Health Options (NHO).  Dr. Faye Williams gave Elements 4 Nature permission to design the new labels for the EK'Selant Hair Care Kit.  Legends 4Ever (L4E) labels are store ready and E4N is working to get the Legends 4Ever Hair Care Kit into stores nationally and internationally.
        Dr. Austin W. Curtis  
Dr. Curtis created the Reconstruction Hair Care Kit
Elements 4 Nature re-vamped all the old EK'Selant labels to make it more store ready.  The Legends 4Ever products are the same products that Dr. Curtis sold at Curtis Labs under the name EK'Selant.  Dr. Austin Curtis used the knowledge that he attained from working with Dr. George Washington Carver to created the Hair Care Kit.  E4N intentionally put Dr. George Washington Carver picture on our new Legends 4Ever labels to show that these products created by Dr. Austin W. Curtis were heavily influenced by Dr. George Washington Carver.

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