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The Egyptian Blue Print Poster presentation by Elements 4 Nature at Tuskegee's University 
Agriculture Conference 2017 is a high resolution 18 X 24 inch poster print on high Gloss photo paper.

Carver's Egyptian Blue Print
The George Washington Carver Egyptian Blue Print design was used by Elements 4 Nature for the Professional Poster competition at Tuskegee University's annual Agriculture conference 2017.


Tuthmosis III, 1458-1425 BCE was the 6th king of Egypt's 18th Dynasty, one of the greatest military leaders in antiquity, and among the most effective and impressive monarchs in Egypt's history.


 Carver's Egyptian Blue Print

Carver's Egyptian 
Blue Print
This design was presented at Tuskegee's Agriculture Conference 2017
Poster Competition
Carver's Egyptian Blue Print
The George Washington Carver Egyptian Blue Print size is  18"X 24" on High Gloss Photo paper.



Anibus Kneeling
One of the ancient Egyptian Gods
Weighing of the Heart Ceremony
Anibus balanced the scale by weighing one's heart with the feather of Maat(truth)

Front Shirt Design

Back Shirt Design

Carver's Egyptian Blue Shirt
The front of this shirt is the image design that was used by Elements 4 Nature for the Professional Poster competition at Tuskegee University's annual Agriculture conference 2017.  The back shirt design was taken from the ancient Egyptian concept of the weighing of the heart ceremony.  The ancient Egyptians believed that in order to enter into the afterlife, your heart had to be light. You gained a light heart by doing many good deeds during your lifetime.

Carver's Egyptian Blue Shirt

The picture below is from the Temple of Seti I which is located within the Temple of God Asar and is located in the Holy City of Abydos, Egypt.  Abydos is the first holy city recorded in all of history. 


 Caver's Egyptian Blue Shirt

Egyptian Blue Shirt
High quality Next Level shirt with 100% Pure Cotton. Do not iron the front or back designs. 
Egyptian Blue Shirt
Prewashed shirt. Wash shirt in cold water. Tumble dry. 

 Carver's Egyptian Blue Shirt Design

Egyptian Blue Shirt
The front design  is taken from Carver's Egyptian Blue print created by Elements 4 Nature
Egyptian Blue Shirt
The back design is from the ancient Egyptian Weighing of the Heart Ceremony

History of The Egyptian Blue Color
Carver recreated the Egyptian Blue color in 1930 or earlier while conducting research at TUSKEGEE
The Original 
Egyptian Blue Color
was created by the ancient Egyptians
"The precision and relative complexity of the procedure which must be followed to produce Egyptian Blue therefore suggests that the ancient Egyptians’ grasp of chemistry was extraordinarily well advanced".  That was a quote from the
Journal of Art Society article called Egyptian Blue: The Colour of Technology written in 2014.  The Ancient Egyptians used the Egyptian Blue color in their sacred paintings, statues, tomb paintings and sarcophagi. 
Sacred Characteristics of the Egyptian Blue Color
Experiments found that Egyptian Blue has the highly unusual quality of emitting infrared light when red light is shone onto it.  The Egyptian Blue color has a spiritual entity to it. Was this the reason why Carver was drawn to reproduce this sacred color?  Carver demonstrated that he had a spiritual connection to our ancient ancestors, the ancient Egyptians.  In 1930, there were very few books written if any about the ancient Egyptians spiritual and /or biological connection to African-Americans.        

Sacred Tomb paintings with Egyptian Blue Color

Egyptian Blue
Carver recreated the Egyptian Blue color during his research at Tuskegee as early as 1930 or sooner.
Egyptian Blue
What gave Carver the incentive to recreate the Egyptian Blue Color?


 The Ever Seeing Eye of Horus

Egyptian Blue
Carver called the Egyptian Blue that he created Egyptian Blue Oxidation Number 9
Egyptian Blue
Why Carver called his Egyptian Blue color Oxidation #9? He gave us the road map in how to reproduce what he created.

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